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On behalf of the management and staff we welcome you to this Institute. We encourage you to avail yourself of all the opportunities that are offered here to enable you to maximize your full potentials. The Handbook is a useful guide that will assist you in having a smooth learning experience at the Institute. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the information herein and also other publications that will be made available at specific periods.

We therefore implore you take responsibility for your learning by keeping abreast of all the resources that we offer.

ALANAS Institute is an official testing centre of the American Medical Certification Association.

We are approved by Heart Trust/NTA to offer the following courses:

  • Housekeeping Levels 2 & 3
  • Early Childhood Development Levels 2 & 3
  • Customer Service Engagement Levels 2 & 3
  • Business Administration (Executive Secretary) Level 4
  • Data Operations Level 2
  • Business Administration (Secretarial Skills) Level 2
  • Business Administrative Assistant Level 3
  • Allied Health – Health Care Assistant (Patient Care) Levels 2 & 3

  • Geriatric Nursing Level 3

  • Customer Service Levels 2 & 3

  • Housekeeping

We provide Certification Exams for the following courses:

  • Medical Assistant Certification
  • Nursing Assistant Certification
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Certification

Ministry of Education Youth and Information Sixth Form Pathways Program: Equity and Access in the Expanded Grades 12&13

  • Allied Health Level 2
  • Business Administration (Secretarial) Level 2
  • Customer Service Level 2
  • Customer Service Engagement Level 2

6th Form Pathway II – This opportunity is designed for those students who are pursuing technical oriented vocations – NVQJ, City and Guilds (Math/English) or 1 CAPE/CSEC, Occupational Associates Degree. To access Pathway II, students should aim to obtain at least 1 CSEC subject, NVQ-J, or City and Guilds English and/or Mathematics stage 3, HEART Diagnostic Mathematics and English Test minimum mark 25.

ALANAS Institute is a credible continuing educational institution which aims to provide the best teaching and learning experiences to all students.


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